Right Sciences

This B2B biotech company is also the parent company of two B2C brands. The heart of their intellectual property is a transdermal patch technology that can be used for safe, effective delivery of medicines, herbs, cannabis and oils.


  • New position & About Us story

  • Value proposition messaging

  • Refined logo, typography & color palette

  • Core “how it works” graphics

  • Brand framework


The problem:

RightSciences’ marketing challenges were threefold. First, they needed to brand the parent company to eliminate confusion with the children, RightPatch and SIVA, while upleveling to represent as a global, innovative biopharma.

Second, RightSciences needed to solidify new value propositions for a B2B audience hungry to expand their product lines and ride the cannabis trend.

Third, all of this work had to be done fast to support fundraising and capitalize on manufacturing partnerships that came online simultaneously.


The solution:

After an in-depth conversation with the CEO, we recommended a worksession format.  

The heart of the brand update was defining the core story elements of how the tech works. It had to be easy to understand at a glance.

First thing the day of the worksession, we mapped out the story flow and then split into two teams. Britt worked out new value propositions that supported a more emotional, higher level vision and mission.

By mid-afternoon we had new About Us language in two formats, short and long, to support intros and pitching, as well as website copy.

Meanwhile, Brand Blocks designers tackled the visual language to support the how it works content. We knew those visuals had to play well omni-channel, including on the website, in a pitch deck and in printed materials. It had to communicate the benefits of the IP at-a-glance for potential international customers.

With that nailed down, we updated the logo and brand personality to represent RightSciences as a global pharma company. Through color, type and illustration style, we polished the brand’s aesthetic to project enterprise solidity and scientific rigor.

We went ladyballs out in a single day and I loved it. Don’t get me wrong, it was work, but we solved communications problems I grappled with for months. Now I can run with all of these materials as I pitch and cultivate global Fortune 500 customers.

The day after the worksession, the RightSciences team received all of their assets by email, including a single-page brand framework that summarized the brand’s new personality, about us story, logo, typography, illustration style and color palette.

Today, RightSciences is partnering with manufacturing labs in the U.S and Canada to prepare for domestic and international market expansion. In addition to licensing their IP to the cannabis market, they are in talks with Fortune 500 global health and wellness brands to use the patch technology to help innovate consumer product lines. Learn more about RightSciences.